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Minimix2go - Health and Safety

Health & Safety Product Advice Sheet


Readymixed concrete.


Readymixed concrete is designed to enable the user to cast the material into the required shape prior to hardening.

Physical & Chemical Characteristics

Readymixed concrete is a mixture of aggregate, cement & water. Admixtures may be used to improve the workable characteristics, or the properties of the hardened concrete. The suBSequent combination is abrasive & alkaline.

Main Hazards

1. Contact with wet cement or concrete mixes can cause skin diseases.

- Irritant contact dermatitis is caused by the combination of the wetness, alkalinity & abrasiveness of the cementious mixture.

- Allergic contact is mainly caused by individual sensitivity to chromium compounds which may occur in cement.

- Cement burn, similar to skin ulceration, may result from contact with freshly mixed concrete.

2. The surface treatment & cutting of hardened concrete can create dust which may contain quartz. If inhaled in excessive quantities over long periods, respirable dust containing quartz can constitute a long term health hazard.


1. Direct skin contact with concrete should be avoided. It is also prudent not to kneel or sit on the wet material, as harmful contact can occur through saturated clothing.

Inhalation of concrete dust should be avoided.

Protective Clothing

1. Protective clothing should be worn when handling wet concrete, particularly arms, hands & feet; e.g. long sleeved clothing, & gloves with full length trousers & impervious boots.

2. Respiratory protective equipment should be worn during the surface treatment or cutting of hardened concrete where dust is generated.

Transportation & Waste Disposal

The carriage of concrete is not subject to hazardous suBStance conveyance regulations & vehicle labelling is not required. In the event of spillage, entry to water causes should be avoided.

Unused hardened concrete is inert but should be disposed of in accordance with local legal requirements.

Emergency Action

- Where skin contact occurs with wet concrete, wash off quickly.

- Where eye contact occurs, the eye must be thoroughly irrigated with clean water.

If in doubt, or where symptoms persist medical advice should be obtained

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