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Minimix2go - Product Concrete

Minimix2go can supply a wide range of concretes to projects of all types.

Each mix is specifically designed to do the job you want it to do, All products are collected from QSRMC readymix plants

Designated Mix Standard Mix Slump
Blinding and mass concrete fill GEN 1 ST2 75
Strip footings GEN 1 ST2 75
Mass concrete foundations GEN 1 ST2 75
Trench fill foundations GEN 1 ST2 125
Reinforced foundations RC 35 N/A 75
Foundations in class 2 sulfate conditions FND 2 N/A 75
Foundations in class 3 sulfate conditions FND 3 N/A 75
Foundation in class 4A sulfate conditions FND 4A N/A 75
Foundation in class 4B sulfate conditions FND 4B N/A 75
General Applications
Kerb bedding and backing - nominal 10 GEN 1 ST1 very low
Drainage works to giveimmediate support - nominal 10 GEN 1 ST2 very low
Other drainage works GEN 1 ST1 50
Oversite below suspended slabs GEN 1 ST1 75
House floors with no embedded metal, permanent finish to be added, e.g. screed GEN 1 ST2 75
House floors with no embedded metal, no permanent finish to be added GEN 2 ST3 75
Garage floors with no embedded metal GEN 3 ST4 75
Floors, light foot, trolley traffic RC 30 N/A 50
Floors, general industrial RC 40 N/A 50
Floors, heavy industrial RC 50 N/A 50
House drives, domestic parking PAV 1 ST2 75
Heavy duty external parking PAV 2 ST2 50
Reinforced prestressed concrete
Reinforced or prestressed concrete - mild exposure RC 30 N/A 75
Reinforced or prestressed concrete - moderate exposure RC 35 N/A 75


Methods using steel mesh in concrete can be expensive in both material and labour costs.

Polypropylene fibres are an effective alternative to mesh offering the following benefits

Reduced Labour costs.

No waste cutting and lapping of mesh.

No site storage required.

Steel is expensive.

Concrete is easier to lay, no obstructions.

Fibres increase the resistance to impact damage.

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